Service Project Tracking

Thank you for reporting and representing the amazing work your Club does in your community!

What Should Clubs Include For "Service Hours?"

Service Hours include any hours, per Member, your Club spends serving the community OR fundraising. Report service hours per person- Ex. 3 people working a volunteer booth for 2 hours would be 6 hours, not 2 hours. Whether fundraising or doing "community service," anything related to a Club's outreach into the community would be considered "service hours."  This would include any time spent in the planning and preparation of your projects and service, such as committee planning meetings.  
What Should Clubs Include For "Service Dollars?"

We ask that Clubs report their TOTAL amount of money raised (net) for the fiscal year, including all National and District projects totals. HQ will take care of searching out totals for Hal Rogers Endowment Fund, National Disaster Fund, Cystic Fibrosis Canada, and District projects through the Service Directors. 

* NOTE: A Club can only submit this form once. Please make sure all information is entered and accurate before you submit the form*